Members of the Association of Plant Breeders and Seed Producers of the Republic of Serbia can be scientific and professional individuals and companies, registered on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, who are engaged in activities from the scope of the Association. The Association may include honorary and meritorious members announced by the Assembly on a reasoned proposal of its members or bodies.

A prominent professional or scientific worker who is not a member of the Association, but has greatly contributed to the achievement of the functions of the Association, may be proclaimed an honorary member. A member of the Association who is extraordinarily responsible for improving the Association's work and reputation can be proclaimed a meritorious member.

The Association consists of approximately 250 members engaged in breeding of plants, animals and microorganisms, plant and seed production, education and research within the stated scientific fields.

Members of the Association have equal rights and obligations to participate in the work of bodies and organs, be informed about the work and financial operations of the Association, give initiatives, receive and perform certain tasks, settle financial and other obligations towards the Association, receive the Association's newsletters, as well as receive rewards for their work in society in proportion to the possibilities and work invested.

Legal entities confirm their membership by annual payment of collective, and individual members by paying an individual membership fee, the amount of which is prescribed by the Assembly of the Association.

The decision on the amount of membership fees was adopted at the regular session of the Assembly of the Association, held on 29 May 2015:

  • Collective membership fee for small companies: RSD 10,000.00
  • liCollective membership fee for big companies: RSD 25,000.00
  • Individual membership for employees: RSD 1,000.00
  • Individual student’s membership: RSD 500.00

Individual members are obligated to fill in an application form with their basic information at the, in addition to paying the appropriate membership fee at the first membership.

Collective members confirm their membership in the Association by paying an appropriate annual membership fee.

Members of the Association receive a membership card, subscription and free of charge printing in the journal Plant Breeding and Seed Production and have a discount on registration for meetings organized by the Association.

Payments are sent through the drawing account of the Association of Plant Breeders and Seed Producers of the Republic of Serbia

Payments should be made to the drawing account of the Serbian Association of Plant Breeders and Seed Producers.

Recipient: Serbian Association of Plant Breeders and Seed Producers, Slobodana Bajića 1, 11185 Belgrade, Serbia.

Purpose of payment: Membership for (specify the year)

Drawing account: 200-2349780101873-09, Bank Poštanska Štedionica A.D. Belgrade

The existing members can update the data electronically by sending them to the address of the Association.

Membership in the Association may be terminated by a written statement of the member, by exclusion according to decision of the Assembly, or by the termination of the Association's work.