The publishing of the journal Plant Breeding and Seed Production was decided by the Management Board of the Serbian Association of Plant Breeders and Seed Producers on the fifth session held on July 12, 1994.

The Ministry of Information of the Republic of Serbia issued the decision by which the journal Plant Breeding and Seed Production was entered into the Public Information Register under the ordinal number 1754 on September 28, 1994.

Since 2010 the journal has been published twice a year in printed version (ISSN 0354-5881), and online version (ISSN 2406-209X) since 2014. The journal publishes the manuscripts in the field of plant breeding and seed production in the following categories: original scientific papers, review papers, brief communications, scientific disputes, technical reports, expert comments, and book reviews. The journal also publishes news, documents, and technical reports significant for the field of plant breeding and seed production, as well as reviews with no category. The official language of the journal is Serbian, but manuscripts written in English and Russian will also be considered. The authors propose the category for their manuscript, but it may not be accepted. The aim of the journal Plant Breeding and Seed Production is affirmation of research activities in the field of breeding and seed production of cultivated species. Authors send their manuscripts in electronic form to one of the following e-mail addresses: including cc:, or including cc:, or

After the preliminary acceptance of the paper, namely, the Editor's decision that the work can be forwarded for review, the first author will be required to submit a signed Statement on behalf of all co-authors.

A paper is reviewed by at least two reviewers according to the rules clearly defined in the Instruction to Reviewers and review process. The final decision on publishing the paper is made by the Editorial Board.

The journal is indexed in SCIndeks (Serbian Citation Index).

Plant Breeding and Seed Production is available in open access mode.

The procedure of manuscript submission, reviews and publication are free.